Super Shrooms

Super Shrooms


Our fave immune support supplement! We highly reccommend super shrooms for your pup.


All 7 organic mushrooms in our super shroom blend are grown in the pacific northwestern united states.

Mushrooms promote healthy immune function. Super Shrooms contain bioactive compounds that have the ability to neutralize toxins, promote protective enzymes and decrease oxidative stress. Super Shrooms are dense in molecules known as Beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are known for immune system support and re-building connective tissue to promote healthy joints.


75g Jar w/ Scoop
​75 Servings for a 25lb Dog!

150g Jar w/ Scoop
​75 Servings for a 50lb Dog!


Active Ingredients

Organic Chaga, Organic Cordeceps Sinensis, Organic Lion’s Mane, Organic Maitake, Organic Reishi, Organic Shiitake, Organic Turkey Tail.

Inactve Ingredients

Myceliated Brown Rice