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Our Story

Healthy Paws Market was created by a group of animal lovers for animal loves. Our founder, Debbie Varner, established the Healthy Paws Market in conjunction with Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue and Follow Your Heart Animal Hospital in order to provide affordable pet care & rescue for animal lovers in AZ. 


We welcome all animal lovers and encourage you to stay awhile! We LOVE meeting our customers pets and offer free pup cups to our new four-legged friends. We strive to be a place that dog parents can connect with fellow dog-lovers over coffee and we can't wait to meet you!

Our Promise

We promise to provide high quality products that will keep your beloved pets safe and healthy. We also promise to provide a warm, welcoming place where everyone will be accepted and treated fairly. Our priority is our four-legged customers and our passion is connecting with dog lovers from around the world.

Our Partners

As an established 501(c)(3), we partner with Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue to save local dogs from shelters, abuse and neglect. A portion of every purchase directly supports our mission to provide a better life for pups in need.

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